Laurel Rehabilitation Services, Inc.'s services include Medical Case Management, Medical Review, and Social Work Case Management.

Medical Case Management

Medical case management is a way to proactively manage an individual’s health care in order to achieve maximum wellness and autonomy for the individual, as well as optimum value for the reimbursement source.

Our nurse case managers identify appropriate services and facilities to ensure that all available resources are being utilized in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our long and short-term Medical Case Management services include:

Medical Review

Medical reviews are used to evaluate the treatments, equipment, expenditures, and/or other issues related to an individual’s care to determine if they are reasonable and appropriate for the diagnosis.

Our Medical Review Services include:

Social Work Case Management

Our social workers draw on their knowledge and skills to work with the client in a caring and respectful fashion. We empower the client to address the opportunity to change and enhance their well being while linking the client to the proper resources within the county they reside. 

Ultimately, a collaborative effort takes place between the client, family and other service providers with positive results.