Independent Medical Evaluations (IME)

An IME is an objective medical assessment of your claimant to assist you in determining claim compensability and/or liability, restrictions and limitations, employability or disability status.

The evaluation is "independent" because the physician who conducts the evaluation is a private practitioner who is neither the examinee's treating physician nor an employee of the client who requests the evaluation.

Laurel Rehabilitation Services, Inc. will provide an IME conducted by one or more physicians, depending on your needs. We can even coordinate a panel evaluation for you if you have a complex case requiring the perspectives of different specialties.

We will manage every detail of this complex process, including scheduling the claimant's appointment with the physician, Physical Capacity Evaluations (PCE), and quality control of the report. Our prompt turnaround time ensures timely claim resolution and avoidance of questionable payments.

Why choose Laurel Rehabilitation Services, Inc.?

  • Nationwide network of participating Board certified IME physicians
  • Selection of the correct physician(s) for the diagnosis
  • Prompt scheduling of the IME visit
  • Contact with the claimant or attorney to insure attendance
  • Quick turnaround time