Benefits of Medical Review

A medical review may determine that an individual is receiving treatments which are unrelated to his or her diagnosis, or that charges are being inappropriately billed by a provider.

Consequently, two distinct benefits may be derived from a thorough and comprehensive medical review:

  • The individual may achieve a shorter recovery period if a more focused approach to his or her treatment can be implemented.
  • Substantial savings for the payer may be realized from a more focused treatment regimen, from the shorter recovery period that usually ensues, and from the identification and correction of any inappropriately charged fees.

How we conduct a medical review depends entirely on your needs. You might need a review that targets just one specific area of an individual's care, or one that involves a thorough and comprehensive analysis of every detail of his or her care -- the choice is yours.

Because Laurel Rehabilitation Services, Inc. maintains a nationwide network of health care specialists, we are able to conduct medical reviews for any medical issue.